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Complete a web search on topics surrounding educating the Net Generation.

In the table below add at least one link to a resource that you found particularly helpful.
Include a description of the link and explain why you feel it is helpful. Include your name and a link to your profile. The first three entries are given as an example.

Resource name/title & link
How or why this resource is helpful
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Route 21
"...a one-stop-shop for 21st century skills-related information, resources and community tools."
This site offered a list of the skills needed by 21st century learners. There was a really great diagram here that illustrated the skills and linked to descriptions of what 21st century instruction should look like. Also, there are a lot of resources for teachers/educators such as presentations and podcasts
Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents on SlideShare. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar,
This site is full of education related presentations.
50 Ways to Use Wikis in the Classroom
This site lists 50 uses of wikis to create a more "collaborative and interactive classroom".
Wikis are collaborative and easy to use with our Net Generation students when you are looking for learning activities. Teachers can get free accounts in Wikispaces and other online Wikis to use with their students.
Power To Learn
A series of user-friendly techniques, suggestions, tips, and advice which is focused on teaching and learning to make technology useful in the classroom.
The Website lists all of the latest technology trends for 2010 as well as other useful links.
Adapting Your Teaching to Accommodate the Net Generation of Learners
This article assists nursing educators in teaching the Net Generation by highlighting the characteristics of the Net Gen and providing examples of how to adapt teaching strategies.
Information useful to nursing faculty who are unfamilar with NET gen learning needs.
Suggestions on ways to meet needs include use of wikis, clickers, and IM use for office hours. Self reflection questions identified to help a faculty member begin the process.
Clickers in the Classroom
Small research study that compared learning outcomes using clickers vs class discussion
Describes the use of clickers in the classroom and includes best practices for implementation.
Milken Family Foundation
This website contains articles and discussions regarding the net generation. It also contains a links to additional resources.
Information regarding the education of the net generation. Various articles are posted.
learning styles of the net generation
Short you tube presenation
This is a short you tube presentation on the learning styles of the net generation
Teaching Excellence Network
This is a great website that
provides information about
education and the net
generation as well as tons
of tips on how to use
technology to enhance
education as well as a list
of 5 things to say to your
students to engage them.
Tips for working with students, many
additional articles and links to videos.
Educating the Net Generation
This is an e-book from Educause. It deals mainly with college level Net Gens
This book approaches most of the problems facing college instruction. It offers solutions / ideas that may transfer to K-12
Karen M
Teaching Today
An up close look at teaching the Net Generation and
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
At this site you can browse subject-specific resources, get tips, free downloads and featured articles on integrating technology into the classroom.
Amy R.
Grown Up Digital--Don Tapscott
"If you understand the net generation, you will understand the future"
Includes blogs and conversation about how the web is changing the world.
Jen B.
Blog of interesting articles about Gen X learning.
Because this site is a blog that links to several Gen X learning posts, it is very up-to-date on discussions about this issue.
Mary-Ellen Q
Very good slide show of Gen X+ learning styles and habits
52 slides about how GenX learns as opposed to their parents.
Mary-Ellen Q /16/don-tapscott-discusses-the-net-generation/
Article discussing Tapscott's theory about the Gen Xers.
Short, sweet introductory article written for what appears a marketing company.
Mary-Ellen Q
Article discussing strategies to teach the Net-Gens.
Identifies what should be included in the strategies for teaching the Net-Geners.
Cathy I.