5-C-1 Exploration of Web Resources by Discipline and Grade Level

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  1. Scan the list of resources listed in the Key Information for Topic 5-C. Review the general links and then discipline links that are appropriate to you or that you find interesting.
  2. Bookmark the resources that you find valuable.
  3. Find two examples of lesson applications or educational resources that you found most helpful.
  4. Post these examples in the table below. (Please do not post your information at the top of this page.)

Student name
Grade or Discipline
Links (include two)
Notes or Comments - Why did you find this useful?
School Counselor/ Grad class facilitator

Resource information for teachers and School Counselors to help them assist students.

School Counselor site for lesson plans, resources, technology tips, and a newsletter.
Noreen D
8th Grade Math

BrainPop you have to be a member to use, but if you can get your district to subscribe it is a great resource!
Math Forum has a great "math help" tab and links to Ask Dr. Math, Internet Math Library, and Teacher to Teacher help.
Jen B
1st grade
Brainpop Jr.

Brainpop Jr. is a fantastic learning website. It has short videos that relate to all disciplines including important holidays, math concepts, and science concepts. There is a fee to subscribe but it is worth every penny. I use the site frequently to supplement my lessons.

We are studying Laura Numeroff in reading right now. I found read alouds of 3 of her books on YouTube that include pages being turned as well as narration of the stories.
Shelly Budinger
Science (Middle and High School)
This is an educational website that discusses how to work with podcasts in the classrooms and recommends them for grades 5-12. I have always wanted my students to create one.
Shelly Budinger
Science (Middle and High School)
This is a website known as "Practical Uses for Math and Science" that has 73 different ideas of how to use math and science to work with Problem Based Learning.
Karen M

Create a Graph
This was not on the list. It is a great resource for College Instructors.

This will be a great site for my Graphics unit. I can demonstrate with it or assign it for a project.

Michele B
Nursing Community College
lung ausculation
I will be able to use this site for nursing students. They will be able to review lung ausculation.
Michele B
Nursing Community College
nursing song - cute
This is just a fun cute song.
Karen F
Nursing Community College
MS Nursing Review on Cancer Part 1

[[http://cmap.ihmc.us/Documentation |Concepts Maps]]
Short, succinct YouTube presentations on different nursing topics to be used as a mini NCLEX review. I choose Cancer 1 to place here but you could find a short presentation on Cancer Part 2, Angina, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Pneumonia, Diabetes Mellitus, and Parkinson's to name a few of the diseases. There is music playing during the presentation that is a bit distracting.

The CmapTools documentation is organized as a Knowledge Model composed of concept maps and associated resources, constructed with CmapTools itself. Site provides a categorized list of the Cmaps in the Knowledge Model, for direct access. Interesting feature is that students can work synchronously.
Amy R
First Grade

Great site with a wide variety of language arts lesson plans. I like that the main character of the site is a girl. This will encourage and engage my female students which will help hold their interest.

Very good site full of math lessons that meet the standards I am challenged to teach my students each day. What I really like is that many of the lessons come with links for my SmartBoard application. Highly interactive and the lesson is already prepared.
Karen T.
Nursing Community College
nursing wiki Univ Southern Nevada
Nursing Wiki from University of Southern Nevada- lots of info for all levels with links to many other sites; games, podcasts, anatomy wiki,
Karen T.
Nursing Community College
gerontology education resources
10 modules on various aspects of the older adult- dementia, palliative care, etc. developed by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine & Nursing. Instructor and student resources- power points, videos.
Cathy I
Nursing Community College
I use this website to search for any nursing topics. I think it is better than teacher tube for this college level and specialty. I was not able to find much on teacher tube for nursing.
Cathy I
Nursing Community College
How to create podcasts for the classroom, would be a great idea for a nursing group project on a specific content area, then maybe could post on utube for others to use.
Health Occupations
This is very similar to the overview of the human body systems that I give in my health occ course. There is no science pre-req to get into this course so kids come from "all over"
Health Occupations
This is a great lesson plan from PBS teachers for my Alzheimer's and related dementia unit.
Playing Cluedo
This is a cool game that teaches directions, listening skills, sequencing, interviewing, questioning, etc. It would be an excellent game to try with my shy, special ed students in their ELA class.
Life Skills
Interview Assessment Criteria
The site provides life skill activities in the form of an interview check list and rubric for practice interviewing. This is something I've been meaning to put together.