5 D 1 Teacher Tube Video Search and Reflection

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Blogging is taking our schools by storm (and my free time!) and we have some parents who struggle with the educational value of it. I intend to show this video as an excellent summary of the value of blogging.

Noreen D
I thought this was a cute video to give the students a visual to remember that sine divided by cosine is equal to tangent!

Jen B
This is a song to teach about coins. It's a little corny...but...first graders will love it! We are currently learning about coins right now in first grade so this is perfect! I never knew TeacherTube existed but I'm glad I do now! I wasn't able to purchase a subscription this year to brainpop jr.com but I can definitely use TeacherTube to supplement my lessons.

Shelly B.
This is a great video showing the chemical equation for photosynthesis and has a catchy little tune. I was thinking of using it for 7th Grade Life Science students, as they could easily refresh their memory about this topic.

Michele B
This is a video about alzheimers disease. I have used it in class when discussing the disease. I use it to supplement my content. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Michele B
This is a video discussing pain as the fifth vital sign

Karen F
Great 26 minute video that provides an overview of the endocrine system.

This is good for analyzing the results of a test. A skill that is often over looked and will help students to succeed on their next test.

Amy R
Very cute reading strategy song to remind struggling readers (and all readers) how to be successful!

Karen T.
Basic lung auscultation Good for 1st semester students

Michele B
This is an euducator from Australia who teaches using clinical simulation

Cathy I
Demonstration video of inserting a nasogatric tube for nursing. Many videos on this subject. I was suprised how unprofessional most were. Nursing students laughing during demo, not dressed professionally. It is important to relay the appropriate image, so we do not convey the wrong message to the students.

This Teacher Tube video uses dramatic music and reflective questions to get teachers and administrator to think about how they are losing students by not including technologies in school curriculums. Very interesting and provocative.

I used youtube since it is hard to find discipline specific for me on teacher tube. Here is a good explanation of MS.

Cute little video to remember the signs to watch for a stroke.