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8-D-2: Final Project - Slideshow - Net Generation Course Wiki
8-D-2: Final Project - Slideshow - Net Generation Course Wiki

Submitted by & Brief Description
Peer Comments

Mary F
"Web 2.0"
Teachers need to communicate with students, parents and each other--it's the 21st Century and 21st century citizens are in constant communication!

Informal Learning. An overview of Informal Learning and possibilities for the classroom
Nice job, Karen! Way to go in getting this posted early. Mary
KarenM: My first thought is what a nice calm voice you have! Second, your presentation gave me food for thought that community service is a great informal learning activity. Good work!

KarenT Nursing Simulation- overview of benefits and components of design template
Great overview of simulation especially in the section of questions and time associated with debriefing. Consider sharing at one of our faculty meeting or at the least with those who are interested in simulation. Good work! KarenF
I think you did a great job with overview on simulation. We have purchased the "canned" scenarios from the NLN. Hopefully we will be seeing more simulation.
What a professional job you did. I learned a lot about simulation AND nursing that I would never have expected. Way to go! Mary-EllenQ
Great job, we have just purchased scenario from the NLN - we need to talk and compare notes. I think that this is something that all our faculty could see. Michele

Michele B. Overview of Blogs, Wiki, and Podcast and their use in nursing education
It was interesting to see how you captured the similar topic I did. I especially liked your examples of how to use these tools in the educational setting which I hope to use! Nicely done! KarenF
I applaud you for this endeavor. Very informative and gave me some great ideas. As we discussed, I too would like to develop one for first semester in the fall. We'll have to compare each other's journey. Karen T.

Enhancing Nursing Education with Use of Social Networking
Overview of social networking with application to nursing education
Your presentation regarding social networking and how it applies to nursing students is very well thought out. You cited numerous examples and I thought the site you mentioned about Duke University was very relevant to your career path. Nice job. I am wondering why the video continues for 26 minutes, even though it is only about 9 minutes long. Good job on this project.
Shelly B.

Karen-Very nice presentation. I really liked your ideas for using social networking in the nursing classroom. While I only teach entry level nursing (BNA) I feel like I am charged with preparing these high school kids for nursing school as many of them have this a career goal. I am very interested in implementing some of the valuable techniques we have learned in this course in my classroom.
Karen: I enjoyed your presentation very much. I am impressed by how well organized it is and loved your Outline page with the Crossword puzzle. I puzzled how to add a graphic to this page but decided to forego this due to lack of time. Your outline page not only is well balanced with the graphic but also coordinates with your other slides and is well timed with them also. I particularly liked the dog barking in the background and wondered if you had a smile on your face when he decided to carry on! LOL
Karen this is a great presentation. Very inspiring and informative. It is thought provoking, I am trying to think of ways to use these media in my classroom. I would like to share your presentation with my administration show them the possibilities using these technologies in the classroom. Thanks for creating your presentation.
Karen M

Great presentation, you have such a calm speaking voice. I would love to know how you did the crossword puzzle. You gave us several suggestions on how to use social media in our classroom. Thank you for a very well thought out presenation. Michele

I love your graphics! Your presentation is wonderful! It is very organized and informative. It gave me a lot to think about...social networking would be fantastic to integrate into my classroom. I have several obstacles to overcome before doing so though...like having more computers as well as convincing our district to unblock certain sites! Jen

Shelly B.
Why We Should Have Students Create Electronic Portfolios
A brief overview and discussion about reasons for creating the electronic portfolios with students in all subject areas, as well as some basic instructions.
Shelly: It was so easy to follow your presentation. I am having trouble staying awake, yet your work engaged this exhausted mind and I was able to pay attention without replaying. I hadn't heard of e-portfolios before but your work helped introduce the topic very effectively and fluently. Congratulations on a job well done.
Mary-Ellen Q
Shelly, I never knew work was being done on this for well over 10 years. Thanks for the excellent presentation. I now have a better understanding as it relates to standards.
Karen T.

Sarah S. Playing the Net-Gen Game
Exploring the benefits and burdens of using video games in the classroom.
Nice presentation on gaming. I felt it gave a complete overview of the topic and found it interesting! KarenF

I like how you presented information regarding the gaming as well as the formal vs. informal learning. You also showed the pros and cons very nicely. What a great way to interact with the younger generation and the upcoming society of kids.
Shelly B.

Sarah: I had to view your presentation as we both chose Gaming for our presentations. You did an outstanding job of organizing and making everything flow. The way you handled some of the visuals with the monologue was very effective. Great job. Mary-Ellen Q
Great overview of gaming Michele

Cathy I
Definition, uses, benefits, examples of creating an ePortfolio. (Important parts to the presentation were links that I added which I do not think are accessible through this video.) In this case it is the process rather than the product.

You gave a good overview of e-portfolio and it is a shame that the links were not able to be accessed on the presentation! I especially liked the issue of adding a reflection/evaluation of why the piece was selected. I agree that it is often a missing piece in any portfolio. KarenF.
Cathy, Thanks for providing the links in your messag , they were very helpful to understand what students are producing out there. It sounds like students sound purchase a portal independently since the e-portfolio would be property of the school once they left. I wonder how Minnesota is able to do that for their residents. What a novel idea for a funeral! Nice job.
Karen T.
Cathy, Thank you for the links Michele

Mary-Ellen Q
"Video Games as Educational Tools"
Video Games are the future of Education.
Mary Ellen: I loved the video. You obviously spent a significant amount of time preparing the research for this topic. Your final statement sums it up, It will all depend on the teacher's and their decision to accept change, or something like that.....You obviously stated it much better than I did.....that is so true. Educators will need to decide whether they want to teach in the past or move with the future generations and engage them with new methods, such as gaming. Again, Great Job!!
Shelly B.

Mary Ellen: Great Job. I liked your ending point. It is the crux of the issue. Will we "listen to the kids". Your presentation if very convincing. I think it is not an issue of when the games become available for education but how well they are made to teach informally. We all like learning when we are involved in the process.
I liked your research stats and visuals. It was very comprehensive. Nice work!
Karen T.
Mary Ellen Thank you for the well thought presentation- I enjoyed watching it. We need to listen to our students and how will we use them to teach our students informally. As educators we need to move into the future. Michele
Mary-Ellen ~ Great Job! I enjoyed listen to and watching your presentation. It was interesting to get another perspective on the same topic I researched! Wonderful! ~ Amy

Mary Ellen, I really enjoyed watching and listening to your presentation. I love the idea of using games in the classroom. I think they could reach all of our students in different ways, even our most needy. Jen

Jen B
This is a powerpoint about educating the net generation. I have had a very trying week--my babysitter was hospitalized so I became the babysitter and haven't been at work, where my computer and internet access is. I did my best with the situation I was handed! Thanks for your understanding.
Jen ~ I understand your frustration.........Amy

Amy R.
This is a Power Point presentation on the use of video games in the classroom. I have been struggling with this all week. I cannot get Teacher Tube to load my presentation with audio. I am posting the only one that would load.