external image small_00431.JPGMy Name is Amy Rinker and I am a first grade teacher. I have been teaching first grade four seven years. Before I taught first grade I was a kindergarten teacher. I am hoping to learn strategies in this class that will keep my students engaged, interested and learning. A fun fact about me is that I paint! I don't mean paint on canvas........I mean paint the walls in my house. Our wall colors change about every two years and it drives my husband crazy! My favorite game is softball. I am an outside girl and not a gamer at all. I also enjoy playing board games with my husband and son.

I am actually the mother of two boys. Our younger son passed away on February 20, 2009 when he was almost 23 months old after an 8 month battle with cancer. Because of everything we have been through, and our boys have been through, my his memory.husband and I have started an organization in our son’s name to help families going through similar situations and to honor our son by doing great things in his name!

My boys....Grayson 5-years-old & Hudson 17 months....September 2009
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My World....In the hospital the week we found out Hudson was sick....July 2009
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