Final Project Ideas


Here are a few suggestions for final project topics. Note, these are just suggestions, you are also free to design or choose the topic of your choice. Be sure to get your instructors approval on your topic before beginning work on your final project.

Net Generation Topic
Lesson Plan Idea
3D Virtual Environments
Systems available for 3D Learning Environments
How to set up a Sloodle environment
Using Blogs as Math Journals
Choosing the perfect blogging tool
Digital Divide
Working with Students who Do Not Have Internet Access
Brainstorming – using the computer lab resources to our best advantage
Using ePortfolios to Engage Student Creativity and Learning
Starting an ePortfolio
Informal Learning
Reflection – How My Students Use Informal Learning Everyday

“Homework sucks” Developing Learning Projects that Harness Informal Learning
For teachers* – leveraging informal learning during a field trip

For teachers* – developing alternatives to paper assignments
Internet Safety
Proactive Education – Fostering a Stronger Sense of Community and Responsibility to Prevent Cyberbullying
What is cyberbullying – a constructive discussion
Learning Spaces
How to Develop a Virtual Learning Space
Developing an online learning environment with a middle school classroom
Lifelong Learning
How to Promote Lifelong Learning as a Professional Development Skill
For teachers* – evaluating your own skills as a lifelong learner
Mobile Learning
Using Cell Phone Technology to Connect Students with Classroom Assignments
How to use your cell phone to get your classroom assignments
Podcasting as a Writing Project
Writing the weekly classroom news report
Second Life
Classroom Application Projects for Second Life
Building your own avatar in second life
Social Networking
Creating Content on a Social
Networking Site
Using Ning, Flickr and YouTube to create content
Student Centered Learning
Letting go of Teacher Control – Fostering Student Centered Learning in the Classroom
For teachers *– converting a traditional lesson into a student-centered lesson/activity
Video Games as Educational Tools
Using the Sims to Foster Storytelling Skills
Using the Sims™ to foster storytelling skills
Video Sharing as an Educational Tool
Developing a Short Film with Your Students
Creating a short film project on Civil War history
Web 2.0 Tools
How to Leverage Web 2.0 tools to Teach the Net Generation
How we can use blogs wikis and podcasts in our classroom

Google™ Geography - How to use Google Maps to map our learning
Using a Wiki to Develop Written Content
Writing a short story on a wiki

*Participants of the Net Generation course can develop their lesson plan for other educators rather than for use in a K-12 classroom.