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Group B: from your web quest find as many articles or postings on using Informal Learning Strategies in the Classroom. Provide a brief 1-2 sentence description of the contents of each link.

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Informal learning
This page describes the importance and the recent interest in informal learning.
It also compares different types of learning.
informal assessment
This article gives examples of how use informal assessment in the classroom
Settings for informal learning
This page talks about different settings for informal learning. Schools are one of the settings discussed
Penn St Program
This page is about a program at Penn St that supports online users.
Informal learning in science class
Very enthusiastic user of informal learning in his science classes.
Using small group learning strategies with adult re-entry students.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of small group learning and the affiliation motive on achievement, attitude, and interactions of adult re-entry students. Implications for using small group strategies with adult re-entry students are discussed.
Strategies for Teaching Theory to Undergraduate Nursing Students
Article describes one approach to using different informal learning styles when teaching a nursing theory course.
Women and informal learning
This page provides a synopsis of articles (some in PDF format) that highlight the fact that women use collaborative, informal learning to succeed in math, science and tech courses.
teaching Strategies: Informal Learning
Though difficult to navigate, University of Michigan highlights research findings that explore the value of out-of-class experiences for a variety of educational outcomes. Suggestions are provided for how institutions can enhance students’ out-of-class learning.
learning conversations
eLearning: differences in formal, non formal and informal Emphasis on how social learning is a form of informal learning.
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Tools for teaching informal learning
Tools for teaching collaborative learning: Strategies for group work and study teams
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Cooperative Learning Strategies
Cooperative learnng components,strategies and types of procedures to have teams learn from teaching, study in teams and then test or have tournaments, then finally team recognition. Done in Language Arts but can duplicate.
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