Student Profile Page

This page will serve as the hub for all the student profiles. To add your profile page follow the instructions below:

  1. While on the page "Student Profile Pages" click "New Page" at your upper left
  2. Name your page (Student Profile Page First Name and Last Initial, example: MaryF)
  3. In the Use a Template section scroll down to and select "Student Profile Page Template "
  4. Click "Createā€¯
  5. You now have a profile page to start editing. This is your personal page to post anything you'd like to share about yourself.

For this assignment post answers on the following
  • The grade level or discipline you teach
  • What you would like to learn from this class
  • 1-3 fun facts about yourself
  • What is your favorite game? (video or other)

Also please post a photo on the page. This photo does not necessarily have to be of yourself, but it should convey something about your personality.

Post Comments: As soon as possible, introduce yourself with your Student Profile Page. Put a link to your page at the bottom of this page. Post a comment in the discussion tab on at least 4 other class participants pages. Make sure you check the "Monitor this Topic" box inside each Discussion page so you will know if they reply to you.

GinnyS (example)
MaryF (Facilitator)
Karen F
Cathy I
Jodi T.